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Best Elegant themes And Why

What Are The Best Elegant Themes And Why

Depending on your tastes, audience and needs answering the question “what is the best elegant theme” is difficult. there is no correct answer. It all depends on your needs, Elegant themes all have different functionality. There are blogging style themes, storefront style themes, magazine style themes…etc. So the best Elegant Theme depends on you and the main purpose of your website.

I’m sure there are better themes out there but for me elegant themes works fantastic. I have tried other themes and wasted some money in the process. In the end I decided to go with elegant themes. Why? Because I’m a tweeker, not the crackhead sitting in the corner shaking and thinking his coat just turned into an octopus kind of tweeker, but the kind of tweeker that likes to change things until I get it just right. This is the same reason I like android phones more than apple iPhones, When you have an iPhone you can only use apps that apple lets you. Like I said I’m a tweeker, I like to change things around, I like to change things to fit my needs.

Elegant ThemesWhen I first started out I used a free theme because I didn’t really know what I was doing and I didn’t feel like shelling out $75 until I knew how WordPress worked. After about a month or so I decided to go with a theme by Simply Southern because it looked great in their 3 tutorial videos. Unfortunately this is when I realized I didn’t know as much about WordPress and Customizing WordPress themes as I thought. I’m not going to say anything bad about Simply Southern themes other than there wasn’t much support and because of that, and not knowing as much as I thought i did I found Elegant themes. When I researched reviews and testimonials about Elegant Themes I found that If I signed up I would get access to not only one theme, but their entire collection of themes.

What’s In It For You?

Here are a few of the benefits that made me go with elegant themes. There are many other helpful benefits that you will notice as you use one of these Elegant Themes on a daily basis. The ePanel is a great example of this, when you learn how to use the ePanel it will help you make common changes without having to edit files. When I first started out with Elegant Themes I searched for an hour trying to find out how to add the Google Analytics code only to find out that there was a spot in the ePanel to insert it, and yes I felt quite stupid, but I did learn something so it wasn’t wasted time…that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

After using free themes (which could be fine for your needs) and purchasing some premium themes, the benefits of using Elegant Themes was a no brainer for me. The just have far more options than the other theme developers I had come across. There might be and probably are better themes out there but I am completely satisfied with Elegant Themes and how simple they are to use. Here are a few more benefits that were major selling points for me.

You Have 82 Themes To Choose From So You Can…

  •  You can change your theme if it doesn’t have the functionality you expected
  •  24/7 tech support to make changes to your theme
  •  cPanel helps you can make changes easily
  •  If you want to build another website you don’t need to purchase another theme, you can use as many different themes as you want at one time.

Elegant themes has over 80 themes (82 as of now) and are updated quite frequently. The kicker for me, because I’m a tweeker, was the support. their support section in short is wonderful, sometimes frustration and a little tricky to navigate. But there is so much information available that you are bound to find the answer to your customization problems.I if you can’t find the answers you are looking for you can always put in a ticket and get personal help for the exact issue with your theme. Sometimes you will get answers to your theme customization questions quickly, and sometimes it might take a day or two.

Some Examples Of Elegant Themes.

Have A look at the video I made below and get a little more detail about how to use elegant themes and what you get when you use elegant themes.

The links to Elegant Themes on this page are affiliate links but this is not a sales page and I am not trying to push you into using my links. This is just my honest opinion about Elegant Themes. If you decide to go with Elegant Themes…great, but please do your homework first. Just because it is the best in my opinion doesn’t mean you will have the same opinion, although I think you will.

I want to “Pay It Forward” So To Speak

If you need any help or have any questions about using Elegant Themes or just want to know what I think the best themes are please send me an email or leave a comment below.

I can answer small questions in the comments section, but some of the bigger problems might take a few emails to solve. I am completely willing to help. And no I am not going to tell you “sure I can help” “but first we need to discuss my fees” I want to help for free. This will be on a first come first serve basis and time permitting of course.

Please let me know what I can do to help you.