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NB005 Website Tools and Book Launch


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NB004 How I Built my Membership Site

In this episode I go through what it took to build a membership site, what I am offering to intense people to join and how I plan on keeping them. One of the things I have learned while doing this is it can't be all about the money, you need to build that trust before anyone will open their wallet to you. … [Continue...]

NB003 Influence and Social Media

NB002 Being Genuine and Building an Audiance

In this episode I go over some of the people that have influenced me online over the last couple of years and how I have built my social media following. … [Continue...]

NB002 Being Genuine and Building an Audiance

NB002 Being Genuine and Building an Audiance

In this episode I talk about how hard it is for us smaller guys to utilize all the tools that everyone says we need to when we are a boot strap budget. I went over my path from knowing nothing about the internet to running a website that gets over 10,000 unique visitors a month. SurvivalistPrepper.net Stats for the last 30 days … [Continue...]

NB001 The Artist Formerly Known as UnzipTheWeb

NB002 Being Genuine and Building an Audiance

This is the first podcast of my new show that will be about my website progress and what I have found that works and what doesn't work. I call this show "No Bull" because there are about a million ways to do something online and not everyone trying to create a business online has the money to do it all. … [Continue...]

Social Media And Link Building Strategy

Social Media And Link Building Strategy

Reaching Out To Other Bloggers And Social Media For the sake of this article I am going to use my website Survivalist Prepper as a case study about the social media and link building strategy I am using, some of the link building techniques I am testing right now, and how I am using social media to build an audience. We have all heard about the … [Continue...]

Am I Building a Website Or a Blog

Social Media Traffic Strategy

Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't a Niche Website? The kind of website or blog you have will have a huge affect on what your traffic strategy should be. Should you go after search traffic or should you focus your energy on social media and let Google catch up. If you have a bigger more authoritative blog/website you might want to go after social media … [Continue...]

How To Search Google Like A Ninja

how to Search Google like a ninja

Doing a search in Google has far more options than some of us even realize. Sometimes it gets really frustrating trying to find exactly what you are looking for. So I figured I would write a post about "How To Search Google Like A Ninja"  HIYAH! OK, enough goofing around, we have some work to do here and if we don't focus we will never be search … [Continue...]

Why Did My Google Rankings Drop

is the google dance still around

After my Google rankings dropped last week I asked my self "is the Google dance still around?" My niche site went from ranking fairly well to off the map in one night which left me scrambling trying to figure out what just happened. Was it something I did? It's you, not me right? Please don't leave me Google I can change I promise! OK, that is a … [Continue...]

UTW005 Social Bookmarking

Unzip The Web Podcast

In this episode we discussed some social sharing plugins like Acurax, Sharbar, Sharaholic and the difference between sharing buttons and follow buttons And using a chrome or Firefox extension called Buffer to schedule tweets. On the second page of google I found a post about social bookmarking by Christine McCarthy at christine.biz. And I also … [Continue...]

UTW004 Affiliate Marketing And Penguin 2.0

Unzip The Web Podcast

In this episode we discuss My upcoming affiliate niche site plans and how I plan to do keyword research, the free and paid versions of WordPress and what is better for in the long run, an article from Alex Becker of Source-Wave about the pending dreaded penguin update and using Photo Bucket to host your images to save space on your website … [Continue...]

What Does Google Really Want?

black hat vs white hat

How In The World Are We Suppose To Compete? What does Google really want? If you are a "white hat SEO" you do everything "By the book" and according to Google's guidelines and best practices the odds of you outranking your competitor that is using "grey hat techniques" are pretty slim. Everyday sloppy black hats are getting slapped by one kind of … [Continue...]

UTW003 WordPress Plugins

Unzip The Web Podcast

In this episode of Unzip The Web I discuss 9 plugins that will help the beginning webmaster, some tips for doing keyword research and the difference between broad match and exact match, Pat Flynn's NSD 2.0 and what I plan on doing to see what I can do with it. What would be the most valuable information for you? What would be some topics I could … [Continue...]